The Advantages Of Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

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The paper egg tray making machine can be divided into manual egg tray making machine, semi-automatic egg tray making machine, fully automatic egg tray making machine. Today, I would like to introduce the advantages of automatic egg tray making machine.full automatic egg tray making machineThe egg tray making machine is used to make egg tray. If you change the mould, the machine also can make egg carton, bottle tray, paper shoe stretcher, can and milk box and so on. After the three production processes: pulping, forming, drying, we can get the egg trays. For automatic egg tray making machine, it has the advantage- the automatic egg tray drying line. The machine can pulp, form, dry automatically. The egg tray is fit for chicken farm, duck farm, hatchery, supermarket, etc.

The machine can satisfy the mass production demand which can make egg trays 5000-7500 pcs per hour. If you have a big farm or factory, the automatic egg tray making machine will be your best choice. It will bring you large profits. So, catch the chance as early as possible.

The automatic egg tray making machine of our factory has two models of GLF-5-8, GLF-4-12. You can choose the machine according to your requirement.

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