What is the Detailed Production Process of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

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We know that the egg tray production process includes raw materials pulping, mold forming, drying(shaping), and packing in general. Today, I’d like to talk about its detailed production process.
Firstly, the waste paper is put into hydrapulper to beat pulp around 4% consistency through vibrating screen and refiner. When the pulp becomes clean and refined, then dilute and agitate it in U/G civil works pools. Waterproof agent like AKD or rosin wax/aluminium may be added if required. At this stage, the pulp will be diluted around 1% consistency.
paper egg carton making machine
Secondly, the pulp is pumped into the pulp chest beneath the rotary molder. Through vacuum suction, wet trays are formed and deposited on forming mold screens and excess water is returned to pulp chest for re-use. The excess pulp above pulp chest level is automatically flowed back to pulp pools for recyclable use. Both the front and back side of molder is fitted with high pressure water spraying system for automatic non-stop mold cleaning and the washing of egg tray edge in each cycle. The excess white water after vacuum-suction is pumped into a U/G civil works white water pool, and this white water is re-pumped to the hydrapulper or pulp pools for recyclable use.
Thirdly, At the front side(facing the dryer), through vacuum & compressed air, the wet trays are delivered from forming molds(via compressed air blowing) to transfer mold(via vacuum suction). Then the transfer molds put wet trays(via compressed air) on the moving dryer conveyor in a robot manner and then repeat another cycle.
At the exit of drier, there are some facilities of automatic collecting, counting and stacking of final dry trays into bundles.
The above is the detailed production process of paper egg tray making machine. Hope to be helpful to you!

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