Pulp Molding Machine

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Pulp molding machine is the key part of the paper tray production line. The quality of the pulp moulding machine directly affects the quality of the paper tray. During the process of the production, the waste paper will be pulped by the pulp making machine, and then the paper pulp will go into the pulp moulding machinery. The moulding system is mainly composed of the molding machine of rotary type, vacuum pump, air compressor, vacuum tank, water pump. There are two main air compressor types, including reciprocating type and rotary type. The forming molding mainly includes the upper mold, which is able to move forward and backward in the horizontal plane; the lower mold, which is able to move up and down in the vertical plane. Under the condition of vacuum system, by using the upper mold and the lower mold, we can realize the process of automatic adsorption and automatic lowering of the paper trays, which improves the production efficiency and lowers the intensity of the work.
In the process of practical production, taking the production of the paper egg tray as an example, the paper pulp may adhere to the mould of the egg tray moulding machine. For the traditional pulp molding machinery, it needs to be cleaned by manpower. It needs specialist to observe on the upper and lower mould to see if there are any adhesive material. When appearing, the production process would be interrupted. Then, the worker need to clean the upper and lower mould by using of water pipe, which is not only waste time and water but also cause severe corrosion of production equipment.
pulp molding machine
However, if you buy the pulp molding machinery manufactured in our company, you need not to worry about these problems. Because our pulp molding machines has three operating positions of the pressure molding, demoulding and cleaning, which can realize the automatical washing of the mould of the egg tray forming machine with good cleaning effect in the pulp moulding process.

Pulp Molding Machine
1000-1100pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-1-3
Output per hour(pieces): 1000-1100
Mould quantity: 3 chunks
Total power(kw): 33
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 60
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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Pulp Molding Machine
1500pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-1-4
Output per hour(pieces): 1500
Mould quantity:4chunks
Total power(kw):50
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 87
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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Pulp Molding Machine
2000pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-3-4
Output per hour(pieces):2000
Mould quantity: 12units
Total power(kw): 37
Paper consumed per hour(kg):120
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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r Pulp Molding Machine
2200-2500pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-4-4
Output per hour(pieces): 2200-2500
Mould quantity: 16units
Total power(kw): 33
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 110-175
Pulper power(kw): 7.5
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Pulp Molding Machine
3000-5000pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-4-8
Output per hour(pieces): 3000-5000
Mould quantity: 32 chunks
Total power(kw): 120
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 260-400
Pulper power(kw): 22
Drying system power(kw): 19

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Pulp Molding Machine
5000-7000pcs/h Pulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-5-8
Output per hour(pieces): 5000-7000
Mould quantity: 40 chunks
Total power(kw): 140
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 270-450
Pulper power(kw): 22
Drying system power(kw): 21

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Pulp Molding Machine
5500-7500pcs/hPulp Molding Machine

Model: GLF-4-12
Output per hour(pieces): 5500-7500
Mould quantity: 48 chunks
Total power(kw): 160
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 300-600
Pulper power(kw): 22
Drying system power(kw): 26

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As professional pulp molding machine manufacturers, our company can provide all kinds of pulp making machine, such as pulp egg tray moulding machine, apple tray moulding machine and so on. The difference of these machine lies in the type of the molds. If we change the egg tray pulp molds for the apple tray molds, then the pulp egg tray machine can be called apple tray making machine. It means that by investing a kind of paper tray making machine, you can produce different products of paper tray, only through changing the molds. The pulp molding machines in our company have been exported to many parts of the world and are well welcomed by the local people for the good quality and reasonable price. Therefore, it deserves your purchasing and investment! For more details, please feel free to contact us!

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Features and Advantages:
1.It has the advantages of easy operation and sensible design.
2.It is convenient to wash the mold.
3.It has high efficiency and long service life.
4.It is laboursaving.
5.It can mass-produce all kinds of food containers, trays.

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